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Mindbody Pricing — and the Best Alternatives

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Sarah B
Jan 21st
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If you’re looking for software to help you grow your wellness or fitness business, you may have come across Mindbody. The platform offers software specific to the industry, with specially curated tools to help you manage your business. But as an entrepreneur, you want to be sure that every investment you make in your business gives you the best possible return — and part of that is getting the best value for money.

Wondering what Mindbody’s pricing is and how it compares to potential Mindbody competitors? We’ve got you covered. This article will outline the pricing and offering of both Mindbody and top alternatives to help you make the best choice for your venture.

Mindbody: Introduction and Pricing

Mindbody launched in 2000 as an app to help companies in the health space run their businesses more efficiently, from gyms to salons to spas. 

It’s now one of the most popular platforms in this space, thanks to an array of useful features. These include:

  • A marketplace for selling goods and services

  • Client management 

  • Access to funding

  • Integrations with other third-party tools

  • Marketing solutions

  • Staff management 

  • Project management 

  • Payment processing

However, the tool’s reputation and experience come at a steep price, putting it out of reach for many health entrepreneurs. 

Mindbody Pricing 

Mindbody offers four different plans for its services, which come at four different price points..

These are as follows:

  • Starter: $159 per month. Includes the option to list a business in the app, scheduling, client and staff management, self check-in for classes, and digital forms.

  • Accelerate: $259 per month. Includes all the above plus reports, mobile-friendly booking, smart contact lists, and customizable templates.

  • Ultimate: $499 per month. Includes all the above plus email and text automation, SMS tools, referral incentivization, and review prompts for clients.

  • Ultimate Plus: $699 per month. Includes all the above plus the option to create an own-brand mobile app.

As you can see, even Mindbody’s Starter option comes at a premium price tag. While some may decide the tool is well worth the money, paying thousands of dollars a year on software is excessive for many business owners. Especially those just starting out or those who won’t need to use all of Mindbody’s features.

5 Best Mindbody Alternatives (Plus Pricing)

If you don’t think Mindbody is the right choice for your business, the good news is that there are plenty of alternatives. 

Below, we’ve listed five of the best options, along with their pricing and features. 


Pricing: $100 to $190 per month

Dublin-based Glofox claims to grow fitness businesses’ revenue by 89% with its specialized software.

Three plans are available, with prices ranging from $100 to $190 per month (plus potential add-on costs for businesses with more members or locations or those wanting to access additional features).

Features offered include bookings and payments management, the option to create a custom app, sales and marketing, and retention tools.


Pricing: $0 to $229 per month

Founded in 2011, PushPress offers management software specifically for gyms.

Unlike many of its competitors, PushPress offers a free plan for businesses just getting started, which gives them up to 100 members, two staff members, and access to basic features. After this, there’s a big jump in price up to the Pro Plan, which costs $159 per month but allows businesses to add unlimited members and up to 15 staff members. It also comes with integrations to many other tools, including Zapier and Google Analytics.

For $229 per month, the Max plan gives businesses access to sophisticated features to help them optimize and scale their operations. 


Pricing: $99 to $309 per month

TeamUp provides fitness booking software with a focus on simplification and flexibility.

The platform has a tiered pricing model, with the monthly cost depending on the number of active customers a business adds. The base price is $99 per month for 0-100 customers, while accounts with more than 601 customers must pay $309 per month.

Aside from the number of members, all accounts get access to the same features. These include a mobile booking app, financial reporting, online payments, and Zapier integrations.


Pricing: $99 to $299 per month

Bookee is a management app for various businesses in the fitness and wellness space, from yoga to gyms to pole dancing. 

It offers three pricing tiers. For $99 per month, companies can access basic features such as online payments, scheduling, and two staff accounts. By upgrading to a Pro account, fitness businesses will receive 15 staff accounts, in addition to payroll features, self-check-in, and more. For $299, businesses can add unlimited staff accounts and access tools such as referral programs, in-app notifications, and an AI inbox.

Note that there’s an additional charge for a branded app, and each plan only covers a single location.

My Session Tracker

Pricing: $10 per month 

My Session Tracker is a client management app aimed at smaller businesses and side hustles, with a focus on the fitness and wellness industries (although anyone can use it). Key features include a handy business dashboard, client session tracking, appointment booking, and tools for client communication. It also has “Stripe connect,” which enables users to accept payments, carry out public scheduling, and send invoices through the payment processing giant.

A subscription costs just $10 per month, which is significantly less than Mindbody pricing. If you opt to pay per year instead, the cost reduces to $96 per year (which works out as just $8 per month).

As if this price wasn’t appealing enough, Mysessiontracker also lets you sample the platform for free first. You can try out the Intro plan for free — and as long as you don’t add more than three clients, you can keep testing the waters for as long as you want. Meanwhile, the Pro version enables unlimited clients.

This is perfect for businesses just getting started or those who simply want to keep costs down while still taking advantage of great features.

Make the Right Choice for Your Business

All the platforms outlined above are solid tools in their own right. However, depending on your budget and needs, they may not all be the right choice for your venture.

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