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What's new in Session Tracker 1.18

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Nov 1st
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Here's what's been happening lately at Sessiontracker HQ

Web updates

  1. Web and API Fixes and Enhancements: A significant number of bug fixes were made throughout the web and API layers, improving stability and performance. Examples include fixes to build scripts, form creation, price decimal representation, and authentication paths.

  2. Stripe Integration: There were several updates related to implementing and refining Stripe payment flows, including subscription handling, checkout sessions, and webhook event parsing.

  3. Improved Logging and Monitoring: Updates were made to logging, including the addition of CloudWatch and improvements to error handling.

  4. Infrastructure and Deployment Changes: Changes were made to the deployment strategies, including Ansible playbook updates and production environment configurations. Also, connection testing and fixes for Postgres, Redis, and Mongo databases were performed.

  5. Security Updates: Efforts were made to improve the security of the application, like adding SSL options to connections, handling database certification files, and updating the password change functionality.

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  6. UI/UX Updates: Several updates were made to improve user experience, including updates to the navbar, success pages, and the introduction of a 'not found' page.

  7. Code Refactoring: Significant refactoring efforts were made to support Stripe checkout sessions and invoicing.

  8. Email Support: Several updates were made to improve email support, including updates to email validation and support emails.

Backend API updates

  1. Refactoring and Code Updates: Code has been refactored on multiple occasions, which included renaming files and functions, and transitioning portions of the codebase to TypeScript.

  2. Infrastructure Setup: Significant work has been put into configuring and updating infrastructure, including settings for Jenkins, Ansible, and AWS. This includes IP updates, new configurations, and updating infrastructure according to the region.

  3. Session and Cache Management: The team introduced new features to manage sessions and caching, including the addition of ioredis and updates to session types and user-public models.

  4. Error Handling and Logging: Sentry CORS headers were added for better error tracking, and enhancements were made to logging mechanisms.

  5. Security Updates: Expired AWS credentials were removed and new security groups were added for RDS. The process to store AWS secret keys was also introduced.

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  6. Email and Calendar Functionality: There were updates to email and calendar functionality, including Google Calendar access expiry handling.

  7. Application Configuration: Several configurations related to the running of the application were added or updated, including changes to STRIPE environment keys and Facebook passport changes.

Mobile app updates

  1. Refactoring and Testing: Significant refactoring of client tables, session types, and actions were undertaken to improve the codebase's maintainability and efficiency.

  2. Migration and Upgrades: The codebase underwent migration changes from a 'turbo' repo, and there were several upgrades, including an upgrade from Expo 47 to 48.

  3. TypeScript Adoption: There were substantial efforts to convert files to TypeScript, which would provide static type checking and potentially improve code quality and understandability.

  4. Calendar Fixes and Updates: Numerous changes were related to calendars, including fixing issues with timezones, Outlook refactors, and improvements to the week and month calendar views.

  5. User Interface Enhancements: Efforts were made to enhance the user interface. This included modifications to client detail tabs, tables, cards, the stats screen, and more.

  6. Authentication and Session Management: There were updates related to social logins (including Facebook), session management, and authentication with services such as Google Calendar and Outlook. This also included session type fetches and session history pagination.

We're pretty stoked about these changes and we think you will be too. Thanks for sticking with us - we're excited to roll out more cool stuff in the future. Keep the feedback coming!

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